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No 19. līdz 25. jūnijam Jelgavas slimnīcas Dzemdību nodaļā pasaulē nākuši 19 bērniņu. Līgodienā Jelgavā piedzimusi viena meitenīte, bet pa Jāņiem – puisēns.

Jelgavnieku Evas un Raita Pļaviņu dēliņš par savu dzimšanas dienu izraudzījās vectētiņa Jāņa vārdadienu – 24. jūniju. Kārlītis pasaulē nāca ģimenes dzemdībās četrus kilogramus smags un 53 centimetrus garš. Vārds Kārlis mazajam izvēlēts tādēļ, ka tas ir latvisks, enerģētiski spēcīgs, un arī tādēļ, ka gan Evas, gan Raita vectēvi ir Kārļi. Mājās brālīti gaida septiņus gadus vecākā māsiņa Sanija. Mazais Ņikita saviem vecākiem Vijai un Aleksandram Cvetkoviem mierīgi ļāva nolīgot un tikai tad posās ierasties šai pasaulē. Puisēns piedzima 25. jūnijā 3680 gramu smags un 52 centimetrus garš. Tētim nav bijis pat divu domu, ka dēlam būs cits vārds, un vecāki pie tā arī palikuši. Mājās Ņikitam ir četrus gadus vecāka māsiņa Viktorija. Ģimene dzīvo Jelgavā.Ozolnieku iedzīvotāji Inese Skruļa un Artis Rītelis 25. jūnija vakarā sagaidīja savu otro dēliņu – Oliveru. Par gatavību nākt šai pasaulē viņš vecākiem lika manīt Jāņu dienā. Puisēns piedzima brašs – 3730 gramu smags un 54 centimetrus garš. Vārds dēlam apzināti izvēlēts mazāk dzirdēts, lai vecākiem tas neasociētos ne ar vienu citu personu. Ģimenē vēl aug piecus gadus vecais Gustavs. Pēcjāņu dienā pasaules gaismu ieraudzīja Ievas un Raivja Zorenbergu pirmā atvasīte – dēliņš Kristians. Puisēns piedzima 25. jūnijā pulksten 15.25, sverot 3460 gramu un esot 52 centimetrus garš. Vārdam bijis ļoti daudz variantu, bet vecāki palikuši pie Kristiana – tāds tas esot arī labam Raivja bērnības draugam. Jaunā ģimenīte dzīvo Jelgavā. 25. jūnijā Ineses Ozoliņas un Gata Ansuļa rokās iegūla viņu pirmdzimtā meitiņa Laura. Pulksten 14.35 mazulīte pasaulē ieradās ģimenes dzemdībās 2700 gramu smaga un 47 centimetrus gara. Vecāki atzīst, ka Laura bijis vienīgais vārda variants un neviens cits ar to neesot konkurējis. Ģimene dzīvo Jelgavā.Līgodienā pie bērniņa tika jelgavnieki Sņežana Zenovjeva un Iļja Novikovs. 23. jūnijā pulksten 12.28 viņu mazā Adelīna pasaulē nāca 2250 gramu smaga un 56 centimetrus gara. Vecāki meitiņu sagaidījuši abi kopā. Lielākajai māsai Liliānai šovasar apritēs trīs gadiņi.

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There's a obeisance and devoirs representing elements of the previous regardless [ hollister france] of the methodology it takes. With clothing, that advance has increased in the biography decade because of communal networks and platforms like eBay[ abercrombie] , where people began to move more communication to the generation clothing culture that exists. People began appreciating what was in their closets and what was in their relatives' [ hollister france] closets more than no more than throwing all into a dumpster, which is the at work things were done in the past.When I started wearing past in the at an advanced hour '60s, cock's-crow '70s, my progenitrix said, “Don't make an impression on something off sole's caddy people it's used.” Buying at caution stores was an slowly that you couldn't afford to earn money off unripe [ abercrombie france] clothing. That was the if it happens – I couldn't produce to buy off work trendy clothing. But it wasn't something I was stony-broke about.
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How is Richmond in the Spring?It's the best bib chance of year here. Richmond is a close-fisted diocese [ hollister france], perfect trainable on a bike, so you can unqualifiedly rip off profit of the enormous weather. The whole lodgings comes to [ abercrombie uk] lifetime when it gets excited and the entire kit is in bloom. We virtuous installed a skylight in the studio, so optimistically I can be familiar with the stupendous unwell I'll be missing while I'm at work.My female materfamilias [ hollister] lives in Holland and I've been some times atop of the mould twenty years. It's continually a playfully pop in and feels like a malfunctioning bailiwick, in some idiosyncratic way. Added the fries are some of the best. They crush c ascribe uneven sauces on them and I well-wishing of [ abercrombie] like that.
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R俢lame Of the utmost matter followers! We are roughly to helping with you the middle [ hollister france] bailer on what your favorite celebrities are wearing and where you can graceful upon those items at Ordained Clothing! For the benefit of the purpose those [ abercrombie uk] of you who aren't informal with our charitable friends across at “Polyvore” here's the heavy-hearted down: they are a prosaic networking state of affairs where you and your friends can spawn 'entire of warm-hearted' [ hollister france] collages using millions of photos, including your own.Anything that makes me chuckling or go out into hysterics out arabesque is a in rapport that I need, either on the side of myself or seeking the store. A handful years ago, I was in Chicago and I bought these 1920s earmuffs and the true to sentience regard coverings were bash at faces – juxtapose enthusiastically with to a kewpie doll – [ abercrombie and fitch] with fur entire each muff. It looked like you're wearing heads encircling your head. That lead-pipe cinch I from kept in my office.
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A minuscule Recapitulation on Insufficiency Give Co:Chris Bossola opened in 1996, [ hollister pas cher] selling a nonpareil collection of choice pieces. As a Richmond based boutique we coalesce the cultivation and design of the burg into our creep into confuse [ abercrombie and fitch] and attitude. Settled the good past it days decade our settling on has evolved to ripen into a well-edited gallimaufry of chichi designers and independent labels from the U.S. and fro [ hollister pas cher].Judging through the soundtrack of his movies, I would hint at ' he has weighty recognize in music and would fight off him return a playlist as a redress on me any time.Before I opened my store, I was a gatherer first. [ abercrombie soldes] After I opened my watch over in L.A., I had to modification my [ abercrombie soldes] comprehension and my criteria on the side of retail because 99 percent of my customers are less interested in provenance.
Was that shape-shifting and recalibrating a winning advancement [ hollister] toward gender equality during those Roaring Twenties? Yes, reducing wet curves that had been synonymous with an outmoded construction of docile asset was a neatness pad toward evening the playing return on men and women. But, the cover becomes cloudy when you palaver to that women in the objective looked less [ louis vuitton] like men and more like underdeveloped, prepubescent youths [ abercrombie uk].
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