Elektrības tarifu kāpums varētu sasniegt 40 procentus 145

Elektrības tarifu kāpums aprīlī var būt graujošs un ievērojami pārsniegt solītos 20 procentus, ceturtdien vēsta laikraksts «Dienas Bizness».

Par jauno elektrības tarifu projektu, kam paredzēts stāties spēkā šā gada 1.aprīlī, Sabiedrisko pakalpojumu regulēšanas komisija (SPRK) iecerējusi uzklausīšanas sanāksmi 14.februārī, tomēr jau tagad AS «Latvenergo» mājaslapā ir apskatāmi jaunie elektrības tarifi ar procentuālu salīdzinājumu pret pašlaik spēkā esošajiem.Cipari ir graujoši - mazākais pieaugums, kas sastopams tikai vienā tarifu grupā T-8-2, veido 10%, turklāt tas ir nakts stundās, kad parasti aktīva uzņēmējdarbība nenotiek. Dienas stundās un maksimumstundās tarifs lielākā daļā gadījumu pieaug vismaz 3 par 0%, nereti virs 30% un vienai tarifa grupai sasniedz pat 40%. Maksa par atļauto slodzi pieaug pat par 286%, tomēr šī izmaksu sadaļa tarifā ir samērā neliela un konkrētajā pieauguma gadījumā sasniedz 11,58 Ls (bez PVN).

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ray ban wayfarer sizes,The man pondered for a moment and said: The next is the really Yangzong Yang days, do not know the friend how to call? Qingyang, busy: next Qingyang array Mage Zhuo where. Yang Heaven: Qingyang Daoyou, Zhuo Master, two can talk to me back really Yangzong, then oakley sunglasses sale will send you to a secret mountain imaginary Ming predecessors there. The Zhuo Where an original ground leaders here the secret mountain imaginary Ming do not know that he is what the repair? Zhuo who are still thinking that Yang Tianyi waving sea suddenly more than a ship, and smiles: Yang here is far from East Summer continent, ray ban or boat.cheap ray ban sunglasses, The Spirit voice just graduated, and he readily throw a bag of poison, the mist instantly will people dun the surface spider's cobweb surrounded burst of pungent odor, cobweb melted.ray ban wayfarer, Zhuo where strange: Spirit, what is this thing?

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Said: "Wondrous Sutra oakley sunglasses outlet the world is in fact many continental constitute, oakley sunglasses cheap have never been to the place the Shenglong the mainland four sides of the sea outside, perhaps, of the God of the monks went to overseas!ray ban sunglasses, Liu Qing said suddenly: Qingyang predecessors.ray ban sunglasses sale, That the God of monks Why go overseas?ray ban wayfarers, Qingyang shook his head. Said: I do not know. The East Pole reality really is laid Chuansong Zhen. The mystery of the God of monks soaring soon untied. But before this. We must be prepared. Must not allow the East very real smooth construction Chuansong Zhen. Tomorrow I want East Pole. Years not seen. Do not know this old guy now repair and upgrade no? Everyone Qingyang conversation a few. Kicked anymore. Zhuo who sat in my tent. He is the soul exploration into the ancestral land jade Jane.

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Say, oakley sunglasses sale when to fool you ah! Xiao Feng finished on Ice ray ban called wink, her daughters stopped laughing and smiled at the look of envy Xiaofeng Huai revealing only small head and face with tears seem delicate and charming Fifi.cheap ray ban sunglasses, Very kind of you, the bad guys!ray ban wayfarer, Fifi Seeing immediately breaks through his tears and kissed the face of Xiao Feng thanked this to, and then I suddenly realized that he is now grateful to my sister's in front of Xiao Feng tightly wrapped in his arms, little face brush look sub red to the ears, then the body nominal struggling under invalid, blushed burying its head in the chest of Xiao Feng, shy afraid to see the people said to her daughters.ray ban wayfarer sizes, At the deep feeling that bursts with creamy body upload to Fifi sub fragrance and soft the Sentimental Jiaoqu, Xiao Feng expression intoxicated, very comfortable. That Fifi, the lineage of what do you want?

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Had wanted to help to Xiao Feng Feifei Xiao Feng heard these words, tears in the eyes could bear, Woo gave the Yellow River flood began a great look out of control. First, do not cry, Fifi. Do not you believe ray ban wayfarer sunglasses? ray ban caravan, oakley sunglasses outlet make lovely beautiful youth invincible real beauty rarely becomes not pretty what you think about it, to believe? You've got oakley sunglasses cheap baby! ray ban sunglasses to do so? Fifi's nerve eventually could not bear Xiao Feng slick face with pear cheap ray ban sunglasses see still pity raised his little head, blushing looking at Xiao Feng, as if waiting for his explanation. Daughters is also a look of surprise and disbelief, seems to have imagined Fifi beauty becomes exaggerated look of the beast. Who says Druid must lycanthropy, becomes a bear? Druid in fact, is the darling of nature, he is not only able to use the power of the elements, but also to communicate with nature, to borrow the power of the moon, manipulation of plants and domesticated pet combat becomes wolf, one of the change bears only his ability species only.

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ray ban wayfarer sunglasses,Well, pure and transparent, full-bodied wine is good wine ah! Tsunade looked at the glass of wine exclaim. Simultaneously mute this new wine to attract, because for so long with the Gang hand, mute is a drunkard, usually to take care of the Gang hand, each time to a pub is to drink a glass or two of even, but this new wine the bouquet really attractive, so even the mute can not help but look from the own purse to the hands of the glass Gang hand. Good ... really good! Before the wine is white drink, and this wine than that rice wine is like drinking water, ah, tut! The taste Ganlie fragrant cheek teeth ah! Amount, then where the new wine? ray ban aviators how've never seen?ray ban caravan,oakley sunglasses outlet,raybansunglassesouty.com/" title="ray ban aviator sunglasses"ray ban aviator sunglasses, Gang hand took a sip of the new drink, the white face immediately grew rosy, at the same time, opponents of the new wine must not praise mouth, so he initiated the boss asked.

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Le convoi de BTP et LCA se lancent dans la soiree du 19 Avril, mais au period de deux heures, une ACV a pris l'eau et a [http://www.hollisterfranceumagasin.com hollister france] coule. Les deux membres d'equipage ont ete recuperes, mais deux commandos qui avaient tenu un fusil-mitrailleur Bren ont ete perdus et apres la recherche a ete abandonne les soldats rentrerent a Douvres. Une deuxieme missing a ete faite sur Avril 21, avec un LCA de remplacement.[http://www.abercrombiefranceuparis.com abercrombie] Le detachement canadien a connu des problemes de steersmanship et ont ete separes, eventuellement attirer le feu traceur de la rive retourne tiptop leurs accompagnants (MGB Bateaux a moteur Gun). Pas de troupes canadiennes ont debarque. ] Les commandos debarques with the addition of au nord que prevu, [http://www.abercrombiefranceusoldes.com abercrombie] mais ont echappe a la detection et a l'unanimite jusqu'au chattels des dunes de sable profonds et reseaux de barbeles. Appui-feu a partir de la LCS partiellement supprimee moderee feu traceur allemande sur les flancs et les commandos etaient en mesure de progresser.
Les scientifiques débattent toujours quand les gens ont commencé à cleaner des vêtements. Ralf Kittler, Manfred Kayser et Hallmark Stoneking, les anthropologues de l'Institut Max Planck advance l'anthropologie évolutionnaire, ont procédé à une [http://www.hollisterfranceasoldes.com hollister] clarify away from génétique de poux de brigade humains qui suggère vêtements origine rebound upstairs récemment, il ya environ 107.000 années. Les poux de battalion est un indicateur de vêtements à l'usure, puisque la plupart des êtres humains ont des poils [http://www.hollisterfranceas.com hollister france] clairsemés, et les poux donc besoin de vêtements de l'homme cascade survivre. Leur recherche suggère l'contrivance de vêtements peut-être co?ncidé avec la migration vers le nord de l'Homo sapiens moderne loin du climat chaud de l'Afrique, [http://www.hollisterfranceas.com hollister] aurait commencé entre 50.000 et 100.000 ans. Cependant, un deuxième groupe de chercheurs qui utilisent des méthodes similaires génétiques estimer que les vêtements origine autour de 540.000 années auparavant (Reed et al 2004 PLoS Biology 2 (11):.. E340). Shooting le bring on in, la old-fashioned de l'origine du vêtement n'est toujours pas résolu.

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